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The best way to gain insight into a person is to walk in their shoes. Having grown up on a farm in Iowa, attorney Sean Minahan has walked in the shoes of those in the farming industry, which is why he feels at home in the field—of agricultural law. His blog, the Midwest Agricultural Law Guide, was created to offer legal discussion and encourage the use of social media in the agricultural industry.

Minahan is a partner of the Omaha-based Lamson, Dugan and Murray, LLP, law firm and for nearly a decade, he has been representing individuals and businesses in agricultural related state and federal actions throughout the Midwest.

Minahan is well aware of the traditional culture of farming, as well as the emerging generations of college-educated and tech-savvy farmers who are adjusting to a growing industry. The blog will offer industry updates, information on federal and environmental regulations and their affects on farming, and tips on potential legal issues that can surface on farms and how they can be avoided.